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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No card tonight

Sorry, I have no card to share tonight, my hubby has had a car cut in front of him this afternoon while on his motorbike and was taken to hospital. What makes it worse is I took my granddaughters and my youngest daughter (not their mum) over to the supermarket and as we came out of the shop saw my husband in the mall. He had come to register one of his bikes and I didn't know he was there. He walked out with us and we both left. We left a bit after him as we had to get the groceries in the car and the kids into their car seats. I drove out the back way and as we were coming to the intersection cars were piled up and someone drove past on the other side and told us there was an accident and we might want to turn around and go back the other way. It's too hard to turn around there so we stayed in the queue of cars and slowly got closer to the intersection. I could see a motorbike in the middle of the main road and said to my daughter that I thought it was dad's and then I looked over and could see him lying on the ambulance trolley. Rachel jumped out of the car and headed to the ambulance, I whacked it into park and did the same leaving the kids in the car, I made her go back to them and get in the driver's side. They took him to the hospital and did x-rays and a CT scan which took forever, made several phone calls with not much information being given and I finally got through about 10 p.m (over 4 hours later) to find he has broken 2 ribs and fractured 5 more, fractured or broken his shoulder and they've decided to keep him in overnight as well. He didn't want me to come in but another daughter and her boyfriend had come to the house and she stayed with the girls and her boyfriend drove me in. They've given him several doses of morphine and were just about to take him up to a ward, so I saw him briefly and gave him a change of clothes and his toothbrush and then come home again. Tomorrow is Australia Day here and we are going to a barbeque at a friends. Will have to play it by ear.
Thanks for listening to me rant,


  1. I am so sorry to hear that! I hope he will recover soon and that the pain can be managed. Well wishes to your husband! Hugs, Hanneke

  2. Oh dear Sandy .. .. what a scary day for you and your family! I am so sorry.

    I hope that your husband recovers quickly and that he gets good care.

    Take care

    Love Jules xx

  3. How awful Sandy, hope your hubby heals really fast, such a frightening thing to come across....take care.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. Sorry to hear this Sandy, hope hubby makes a quick recovery. Carol x

  5. Hope everything rights istself in your world soon!
    Thinking of you & your family!

  6. Oh Sandy, how horrible for you and your family. My husband also has a motorbike and it's always a worry. Not the riders themselves but other drivers. I wish your husband a speedy recovery and you all get back to normal. x

  7. ah I am so sorry to hear! My Mum and Dad were in a bad bike accident a few years back too, its just heart wrenching!

    I hope he makes a speedy recover with no long-term ill effects!

    All the best to you and yours! xoxo

  8. So glad I saw you today Sandy ..Missed this post last night so heard news today .Hope injurys heal quickly and he returns home to your care soon .
    HUGS Shirley-Anne

  9. Sandy, huge hugs to you and your hubby. So glad that they have kept your hubby in over night and doing more xrays so they don't miss anything.. I hope he has a speedy recovery and that his body recovers well.


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