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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing with Pencils

Hi everyone, well it's been a busy day and a scorcher as well! I had craft at Shirley's today and we made 3 fab cards. A stop on the way back home for lunch with my friend, Fran. I forgot to refill my little tablet container, so we had to come back to my place to get my Diabetes medication. We then went back to her place for about 20 mins to fill in a bit of time before we went to a Techniques class at the craft shop near us. It was only a 45 minute class and it only cost us  $5.00, well worth it.  I bought some Prismacolour Pencils about a year ago and had been looking to buy some Gamasol or similar to try out using them and blending colours. Welll couldn't find it any where!!! Finally I was reading someone's blog and saw that they mentioned a product called Zest-it. They were from Queensland so I knew I must be able to buy it here in Oz. After doing some research I contacted an Art Store who dealt with the company and they were able and willing to order it in for me. So I purchased 3 lots for myself, Fran and Shirley. LOL, that was months ago and we've only just found someone doing a technique class on it.
Well, that was the whole day taken up and then I did a load of washing, the dishes!!! made tea and then went to choir practise and got home about 11p.m.  Since then I've been fiddling around with measurements to make a front panelled step card. I wanted it rectangular not square as it will then fit a normal envelope. I am teaching class tomorrow and that is what we will be doing. So, no card tonight but I am sharing my first little tiny bit of colouring with my prismacolours. Of course, these colours didn't come in the box I already had so had to buy them, they let us have them for half price because we used them in class.
I was happy with it for a first go and I suppose I will improve with practise, LOL.... one can only hope!!!!!

I don't have this stamp, but it is very cute!
What do you think....... How did I go with the blending?

Thanks for stopping by and for the comments on the last post too.
Take Care,


  1. I must get my pencils out again! Your blending is lovely, Sandy - you've done her hair and cheeks perfectly!

    Look forward to the next installment!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Hi Sandy . Was waiting to hear how the lesson went .By the looks of it ..very well as your colouring is awesome
    hugs Shirley


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