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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let the Heaven's Rejoice

Hello to anyone visiting today, I didn't manage to get back to post or make anything last night after dinner because I brought our 2 granddaughters home to have a sleep over as I was babysitting them today anyway. Just made it easier for my DIL this morning - she only had herself to get ready. She has already finished work as the baby is due on the 20th May, but they've asked her to do 2 more days as they have 2 other staff members away at present.
So... here are the 3 Cards I made tonight for Shirley's Christmas card Challenge
I've put a sheet of coloured paper behind when I scanned as the front of the cards are white. I'm not over happy with the one with the Christmas Tree as I think I placed the Noel in the wrong spot and I got a bit of red ink on the lower bit which I've tried to cover up with the lines of gold border sticker - Not sure who is going to get this one LOL.
Every card has a ribbon trim and I have also made the poinsettia in 3D again.
So hope you are finding something to interest you here on my blog,
Take care,

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  1. You can send it to me Sandy - I think it looks good like that! The other two are great too!


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