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Friday, September 21, 2012

No time for crafting tonight

Tonight was the last practice before our concert on Sunday afternoon, It's been a long week - 4 nights out  at rehearsals. I looked after the two youngest grandchildren today as well and they went home early as their other grandma came and picked them up. Our DIL is travelling with a girlfriend interstate to see the Adelaide Crows play. She is hoping they will win and go into the finals. So... the 3 children are staying with Grandma
Shirley overnight and then back home to our son in the morning. Lisel doesn't get home till Sunday.
I was tired when I got home tonight and the creative juices are at standstill so no card today.
I caught up with friends Shirley and Doug for a quick cup of coffee first thing this morning and then came back home. Hubby was home as he had taken the day off to go to a funeral in Murray Bridge, an hour away.      
It was the mother of someone he went to school with and she was also a friend of his Mum's. He was still home when we came back from the cafe so he took the children for a walk up our street and back.
Well I'm off for some sleep, so I wish you goodnight and have a good weekend.
Take Care,

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